Books of the Dead
Good vs Evil in the land of the dead

Book 1: Sanctuary of the Dead – Joel, a slacker, finds himself trapped in a church with a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse

Book 2: Lord of the Dead – Joel and his fellow survivors must face off with a man who has gained dominion over the undead


Book 3: Dead Man’s Land – After finding a new home and, hopefully, safety, the survivors face off in the ultimate battle with the Lord of the Dead and find a new enemy.

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Book 4: Into the Deadlands – Joel and his gang are on the run from the undead and another fearsome enemy while the other survivors find themselves held captive


Book 5: The Living and the Dead – On the way to complete their mission, Joel, Kara, and Jason and their crew encounter a new and nastier villain, forcing Joel to make a desperate decision.


Book 6: Dead Run – There is no safe harbor in a zombie apocalypse. Beaten and broken, Joel and his friends hope to hunker down just to heal and rest, but too bad they won’t get it.


Book 7: Dead End – It has all come down to this and somebody is going to die. Kilgore has finally tracked down Joel and his friends. Joel vs Kilgore – only one of them will survive.


Book 8: The Living Dead Girl – A desperate act leads to a new and heartbreaking kind of undead.


Book 9: Dead of Winter – With Kara trapped in a torturous half-live, half-dead existence, Joel has waited for his chance to do something to save her. When that chance doesn’t come, he decides to take his and Kara’s fate into his own hands.


Book 10: Dead Cold – The love of Joel’s life, Kara, has been turned into something less than human. Joel knows he’ll risk anything and everything to find a cure for her.

The Deadland Chronicles

A Books of the Dead Companion Series


Book 1: Running from the Dead – Henry, his mother, Ellen, and a group are refugees are trapped in a rural school in the middle of nowhere. They’re running low on water, food, ammo, and morale. To top it off, zombies roam the fields and roads around them.


Book 2: The Undead Horde: Jo and Del combine forces with Donovan and his group of prepper refugees to find a sanctuary from a massive undead horde coming their way. The problem is that these safe havens are harder and harder to find as rogue humans want those same places for themselves.


Book 3: The Endless Dead – A new kind of undead arrives and It is a deadly game-changer


Book 4: Siege of the Dead – It’s time for the Final Battle and Not Everyone Will Make It

Forget the Zombies Series
A zombie series with a side of sarcasm
Book 1: Forget the Alamo – Grant and a group of survivors finds themselves trapped in the Alamo surrounded by a horde of zombies

Book 2:  Forget Texas – Grant and his gang of survivors must fight their way out of Texas with zombies in hot pursuit

Book 3: Forget America – Grant leads his group just ahead of the horde, hoping to find a safe harbor anywhere


Forget the Zombies Box Set – Save $1 and buy the Box Set that includes all three books

Dark Matters
A Collection of 15 Horror Short Stories

Dark Matters features stories of zombies, zombies, and other fearsome horrors.

Co-Written with Scott Spears


Ebola Cell: A terrorist in a suicide vest is terrifying. If that terrorist has Ebola, it’s an unimaginable horror.