Forget the Zombies Series
A zombie series with a side of sarcasm
Book 1: Forget the Alamo – Grant and a group of survivors finds themselves trapped in the Alamo surrounded by a horde of zombies

Book 2:  Forget Texas – Grant and his gang of survivors must fight their way out of Texas with zombies in hot pursuit

Book 3: Forget America – Grant leads his group just ahead of the horde, hoping to find a safe harbor anywhere


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Books of the Dead
Good vs Evil in the land of the dead

Book 1: Sanctuary of the Dead – Joel, a slacker, finds himself trapped in a church with a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse

Book 2: Lord of the Dead – Joel and his fellow survivors must face off with a man who has gained dominion over the undead


Book 3: Dead Man’s Land – After finding a new home and, hopefully, safety, the survivors face off in the ultimate battle with the Lord of the Dead and find a new enemy.

DeadlandsV4sm Rev3

Book 4: Into the Deadlands – Joel and his gang are on the run from the undead and another fearsome enemy while the other survivors find themselves held captive


Book 5: The Living and the Dead – On the way to complete their mission, Joel, Kara, and Jason and their crew encounter a new and nastier villain, forcing Joel to make a desperate decision.


Book 6: Dead Run – There is no safe harbor in a zombie apocalypse. Beaten and broken, Joel and his friends hope to hunker down just to heal and rest, but too bad they won’t get it.


Book 7: Dead End – It has all come down to this and somebody is going to die. Kilgore has finally tracked down Joel and his friends. Joel vs Kilgore – only one of them will survive.

The Deadland Chronicles

A Books of the Dead Spin-off Series


Book 1: Running from the Dead – Henry, his mother, Ellen, and a group are refugees are trapped in a rural school in the middle of nowhere. They’re running low on water, food, ammo, and morale. To top it off, zombies roam the fields and roads around them.

Dark Matters
A Collection of 15 Horror Short Stories

Dark Matters features stories of zombies, zombies, and other fearsome horrors.